Importance of practical learning!

In today’s world where everything is so visual and interactive, then why in terms of education we dont give much emphasis to practical learning? Just by reading something, one doesn’t understand how things work. For instance, if you want to learn to ride a bicycle, you would have to sit on the cycle and ride, if you read a manual on riding a bicycle, you will never be able to ride it.

Same thing holds true when it comes to teaching concepts in schools. So, it is essential for us to change our teaching methodology by adding more practical sessions.

Practical and hands-on learning helps children to innovate and encourage self-learning among them. It also gives a break from monotonous lectures.

Previously, people like Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, etc first experimented and then based on the results documented their findings.

Which means earlier education was more of practical  learning and then spreading the knowledge through theory.

Also, if the practical sessions are taken in the group like in a classroom, it helps bringing social values like sharing, team spirit, and compassion.

These days many project boxes are available in the market which parents or schools can purchase for practical teaching. But the point is which of them is good? Which one to choose?

Many of them sell very customized and toy like materials, which kills the scope of creativity and curiosity in the child. So choosing a right type of project box is also very important.

When you are looking to buy project boxes, ensure the following:

  • Are the project parts just plug and play?
  • Does the child have to apply some logic and knowledge while making the project?
  • Are there any instructions provided?
  • Are the instructions simple to follow?
  • What kind of material is used?
  • Does the project box boost creativity in the child?

Practical learning helps the child remember and understand the difficult concepts too in fun and easy manner.

To conclude, practical learning must be encouraged more and more everywhere, whether at home or at school.


Pregnancy issues

Pregnancy issues.

Pregnancy issues

With our generation life style where we are getting busy with our careers and fulfilling our ambitions, our dreams; on the other hand we are neglecting our health. We are so stressed that we don’t get time to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some of us also face issues like infertility. Well, I faced a lot of issues to conceive naturally. We had completed 5 years of marriage and were well settled. We decided to have a baby and start our family. But it was not as easy as we thought. We tried for a year but we were not successful so after few months my husband and I visited a good gynecologist in a renowned hospital. She first examined me and said that my uterus was slightly towards the right side and so she suggested an ultra sound test. To my relief the test was negative. Then the doctor said I should wait patiently. She then suggested ovulation study. In the beginning the study was OK but later on it become a routine and it was very frustrating to go every month and try to have intercourse on those two important days. Sex was no more pleasure but felt like a pressure. We were getting depressed day by day. This cycle went on till 6 months and no positive result. The doctor suggested the following tests:

Blood Test:

  • CBC
  • BSL (R)
  • 4TSH
  • Rusella Ig G
  • UTSH
  • Prolactin
  • <f pp
  • CBC

Other Tests:

  • HSG- for fallopian tubes
  • Semen Analysis

All reports were normal. I did not know how to react; whether I should be happy or sad. I was unable to understand the reason of not being able to conceive if all the reports were normal. During these procedures, the doctor gave me three medicines:

  • Folvite 5 mg * 1 month
  • Fertomid 50 mg * 5 days at night (during follicle study)
  • Duphaston 10 mg * 15 days (after ovulation)

Following are the reading from the ovulation study:

1 Day of cycle Rt ovary Lt Ovary Uterine -Endometrium
11 10,9 6
13 10,10 6.5
15 14, 10 6.5
16 16,10 7
18 20,12 7.5
19 ruptured 7.5
2 Day of cycle Rt ovary Lt Ovary Uterine -Endometrium
10 10 11 5.5
12 12 15 6.5
13 12 18 7
14 morning 14 20 7.5
14 evening Ruptured 7.5
3 Day of cycle Rt ovary Lt Ovary Uterine -Endometrium
10 15,14 6.5
11 17,15 12 7.5
12 19,16 13 7.5
14 Ruptured 7.5
4 Day of cycle Rt ovary Lt Ovary Uterine -Endometrium
11 9 20 6.5
12 10 22 7
13 10 24 7.5
15 10 28 7.5
15 10 30 7.5
16 10 35 7.5
didn’t rupture -formed into a cyst

**According to the online search: The normal endometrial thickness is between 8mm – 10mm.
The normal follicle size is between 18mm – 24mm.

Anyway, I spoke to the doctor but she was reluctant to change any procedure or medications. She was sure that I would be able to conceive without any medical assistance. Months passed nothing happened. Many people advised that due to stress I was unable to conceive so I should take a break from work. So, I decided to quit. And even that didn’t work. Depression and frustration was making me crazy.

After few days one of my aunt suggested to take a second opinion. She took me to Patankar Hospital. I met Dr. Leena Patankar. She is a very wonderful and a confident lady. She went through all my reports and said everything was normal. She suggested that after so many ovulation studies, I should have opted for “Intrauterine insemination (IUI)”. She said that she was confident that I would conceive. She gave me assurance that everything would be fine. After meeting the doctor I felt very confident. I decided to go for IUI.

She asked me to start with Folsafe tablet once in the morning daily for 30 days and Fertyl 50mg tablet for 5 days. And she called me for the ovulation study on the 11th day after my periods.

Ovulation study readings:

Day of cycle Rt ovary Lt Ovary Uterine –Endometrium
11 13, 11 7.2mm
13 19,13 12.7mm
14 19,14 12.7mm
15 ruptured 13mm

On the 15th day the follicle had ruptured. The doctor said that I will have to go through IUI procedure on the same day as we had only one day window. So, I immediately called my husband. Since, I had read about the IUI procedure online, I was a little prepared, but a little nervous too. The doctor started the procedure, however the first time she was not able to insert the semen as my uterus was very tight. She asked me to relax but I had become very nervous by then so, I was not feeling very comfortable though it was not very painful procedure but the feeling was very uncomfortable. Then she gave me an injection to relax my muscles and after 20 minutes she started with the procedure again and voila! This time it was done, the procedure was complete. But for some reason I started crying and was hoping not to go through this process anymore.

After the procedure doctor asked me to visit on the 5th day after my period date for pregnancy test. In case I start with my periods then I had to visit her on the second day and follow the same procedure.
She gave me Susten 200mg vaginal 20 tablets for 10 days. It had to be inserted twice daily.

I kept my fingers crossed and just couldn’t wait for the results. Finally my period day crossed, with each passing day my heart was getting heavier and I was getting anxious to know the result.

After years of struggle, finally the day arrived when my wish came true. I was pregnant! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could see the two lines on the pregnancy test detector. I woke my husband and shouted in happiness. We both were very excited.

It was 9th Feb 2013, when the doctor declared that I was pregnant! :D. I was so excited about everything. I was waiting to experience all the symptoms that I have heard and read in these years. And I started the most beautiful journey of my life – pregnancy! J

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